Food Preparation Equipment

Owning reliable, consistent food preparation machines is essential for any catering establishment intending to offer uniform quality dishes, prepared to high standards. Whether you run a restaurant, café, hotel or canteen, food prep machines can help you to reduce costs, save time and improve your kitchen efficiency.

Ideal for helping prepare for peak times well in advance of service, our range stretches from food processors, spice grinders and juicers, all the way to commercial ice cream machines, meat slicers, professional dehydrators and vegetable prep machines – leaving ingredients ready for further preparation with a wide selection of cooking equipment. We also stock a huge range of vacuum packing machines for storing prepared food or sealing food ready for sous vide cooking in a water bath. The range of food prep machines is sourced from of the most trusted and renowned brands in commercial catering equipment, including Fimar, Primax, Pimak, Berjaya, Empero and more.

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